Using audio in Google applications

Google has great photo and video sharing services, however when it comes to audio there is a lot missing. A service like Audioboo or Soundcloud would be really great. Or simply the integration of audio in YouTube – in fact there are a lot of people who convert mp3 to video and upload it to YouTube. Actually, that would be one way of embedding audio into webpages that could be played by iOS devices as the YouTube player is HTML5 enabled.

Anyway, there is a flash-based Google audio player which interestingly is available at only some Google services. The Google audio player shows up in:
  • Gmail – listen to audio files directly from your inbox
  • Reader – enables reader to use podcasts RSS feeds in addition to text-based feeds.

In addition it would be very handy to have an audio-player available in
  • Docs – lets you upload and share audio, but not listen to them
  • Google+ - lets you share video but not audio (yet)
  • Blogger – would be great for audio podcasts (like Podpress plug-in in Wordpress)
  • Sites – lets you upload audio, but there is no audio player gadget  
It would be particularly useful to have the player available in Blogger and Sites for web and podcasting projects. Even though there is no player option available, you can always embed the player using html code.
Just copy the code below and change the url of the mp3 file.

<embed src="" flashvars="audioUrl=" width="400" height="27" quality="best" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""></embed>

Unfortunately you can not link directly to mp3 files on Google Docs, so the only Google service available to do that is Google Sites.
  1. Create a new page
  2. Change the template from “web page” to “file cabinet”
  3. Now you can upload your mp3 files
  4. Right click on “download” and copy the url
  5. Paste the url in the above code and paste the code in the required web page

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