Welcome to my glearning (google learning) blog, which is all about learning and teaching with free google tools. My name is Andreas Hofer and I teach English and multimedia in highschool. One of my passions is using technology for teaching. I use a variety of free and open source tools, from Audacity to Wordpress. However, the tools I really need on a daily basis are Moodle and the Google tools.

One important reason for writing this blog was that it some ways it's a niche product in the bloggoshpere. There are thousands of blogs on teaching with web 2.0 in general and when it comes to mobile learning there are hundreds of blogs on the iPad and iPhone, whereas there is much less on the Google web apps and android. And the great thing about them, they work just great in combination and provide a modern eLearning environment at zero costs as well as an almost complete PLE (personal learning environment).

Even though Google is often regarded with suspicion the google tools are just great for learning, both elearning and mlearning. Almost all Google tools are mobile friendly or have their own apps, both for android and iOS.

Apart from Search, Google offers blogs (Blogger), website and wiki creation (Sites), collaborative writing and presentations (Google Docs), multimedia (YouTube, Picasa)  and much more. In fact, one of the few tools I really miss on Google are audio and podcasting tools. Google tools are often not as shiny as other services (e.g. Blogger vs Wordpress), however they are highly functional and have to great features: one login for all services and high mobile integration.

On this blog I would like to share some tips and tricks how to get the most out of the Google tools. The blog is directed both to students and teachers alike and I hope you will find it useful for your studies/classes. By the way, this blog is "mobile friendly".

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