Mindmapping in Moodle or Blogger with Shared Spaces

There is certainly no shortage of mind mapping tools on the web. One of my favorite tools which is also quite popular with students (partly because of its cute animations) is However, the problem with many web 2.0 mind mapping software like is that it allows you to embed a mindmap in Moodle or Blogger you can make changes only on the apps website itself.  That means, that  you have to switch back to the app after you have embedded the mindmap without being able to make immediate changes from within Moodle or Blogger.

Google Shared Spaces offers several mindmapping applications. The one I like best is simply called Mind Map Gadget and can be found on:

Mind Map Gadget allows you to create a shared space, i.e. students can collaborate on the mindmap, which you can embed into Moodle or any other website plus it lets you work directly in that website. The gadget might not be as impressive as or Mindmeister, however it does offer some advantages in addition to remaining editable after embedding.
  • It is based on HTML5, not on Flash (useable on mobile devices)
  • It integrates with the open source FreeMind desktop application (download & upload)

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