Creative Commons on YouTube and Picasa

Google has made a lot of improvements to their online apps over the last year. One of those for eLearning fans is the inclusion of creative commons licenses in YouTube.  You can licence your own videos very quickly in the “edit information” menu, without the comparatively lengthy procedure on the creative commons website.

Of course, these licensees are not only useful when you want to license your own videos, but particularly when you need video footage in your own projects. If you look for, say, clouds filmed from a plane all you need to do is type in your search query and filter (menu button) for creative commons licensees.

You can do the same thing for your photos on Picasa. However, at present it is only possible to license all photos or only single photos, which is not very user-friendly. It would best to be able to license albums, then the users could easily organize  their cc photos,  just by copying or moving the required photos to a cc licensed album.  

Last but not least, Picasa allows you to search for cc-licensed user photos, which is very useful for eLearning or student projects. 

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