YouTube TV and remote control

Google has made some changes to and extended its /leanback service. It has been renamed to and offers all your personal content such as subscriptions and playlists as well as suggested content. 

Moreover, it is now possible to remote control the screen/player directly from within the mobile YouTube app. Thus, saving you the trouble of downloading the separate YouTube Remote app.

You have to pair you mobile device each screen once (settings>pair devices). After entering the code you can use your mobile device as remote control. If you have several screens configured you have to make sure you chose the right one for intended output.

Even though Google probably has intended this feature mostly for use in home entertainment with smart TVs, it turns out to be quite useful in the classroom. Teachers can now pause, stop and replay videos from any position in the classroom without having to sit behind the PC all the time. Of course, the volume can also be controlled.

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