Web apps integration in Google Drive

Good news for all fans of web-apps:  Google Drive now has integration of a wide variety of them, from Gantt charts to mind mapping and presentation software.

One of Google’s strongest points is web integration, both when it comes to their own services and when it comes to integrating third-party web-apps.  The Chrome browser has had this integration for quite some time now; integrated web-apps in Drive are fairly new, however.

To install a web app simply head over to the Chrome webstore following this link:

and choose your favourite apps  available for Google Drive. You have to allow access to your Google account once before you can use them.

Adding these apps has a variety of advantages:

  • Use a single log-on for multiple services
  • All your web-creations are in one place and easily searchable
  • Share them from within Google Drive
  • Send your creations directly as attachments from Gmail

This integration is particularly useful for schools, as students can keep all their web creations in one folder which they can share with their teacher. 

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