Saving and sharing information with Chrome extensions

Saving and sharing information from Google Chrome is as easy as with Android. All it takes is to install the required service from the Chrome Webstore, One of the most common uses it posting to social networks. So, if you would like to have Facebook notifications and sharing then just search for Facebook and choose "extensions".

There are literally hundreds of extensions. Which ones to choose depends of course, on your needs. Here are some of the most interesting uses and their corresponding extensions:
  • Post a website/video to a social network or blog: Facebook, Twitter, Google+;  Blogger etc. 
  • Use content curation tools: ScoopIt, Pinterest, etc. 
  • Save a website for offline reading on another device like a tablet or e-reader: pocket, send to kindle
  • Note-taking: save information (recipes, learning content, etc.) to a personal notebook: Springpad, Evernote, Catch, etc.
  • Add tasks or calendar events: Google Tasks, Calendar (particularly useful in email, messaging services)
  • Share information via email: Send from Gmail extension
As far as learning is concerned, these extensions can be used both by teachers to share information with their students, as well as by the students themselves for their personal learning environments. 

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