Screencasting with the Screencastify Chrome extension

With the recent addition of the Snagit extension the chrome browser got a very useful screenshot utility which saves the file directly in Google Drive. Now there is also a screencasting extension with which you can record the screen and upload the recording directly to YouTube. You can install Screencastify from the Chrome webstore:

The quality of the videos is rather modest and there are no editing functions included. So, it’s not the kind of tool you would use if you want to create polished screencasts (you would rather use commercial software like Camtasia in that case). However, it allows recording sound from your microphone or from the browser tab (e.g. if you want to record a video that is playing) and direct upload to YouTube. That makes it a great tool for short quick and easy tutorials (e.g. how to use a specific feature of, say, Google Drive or Evernote).

Screencastify can be used to
  • give instructions to your students (e.g. how to upload homework to Moodle, create a portfolio in Google Drive etc.)
  • create a voiceover for a Google Slide presentation
  • create YouTube videos with web 2.0 software (prezi, powtoon, mindmaps, etc.)

If you need to edit the recorded screencast you can do so inside YouTube (most commonly trimming, i.e. removing the beginning and the ending). For future releases it would be nice to see also Google Drive integration.

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