Using Google Drive with a textbook in the classroom

Google Drive does not have to be an alternative to the textbook, but can be used easily in conjunction with it. In this short video tutorial I show how I am using Google Drive with a projector with the textbook during a class.

The tutorial includes the following points:
  • using simple and quick animation for revision questions (and answers)
  • taking a snapshot of a page of the textbook with your phone or tablet and projecting it in the classroom
  • reusing an exercise from the textbook
  • uploading and linking audio files that come with the textbook to your Drive
  • projecting the solution to an exercise (from the teacher's book) for your students
  • enriching a lesson with multimedia resources from the web
The tutorial includes some time savers (such as linking audio files and quickly inserting pictures from a smartphone into a presentation) as well as some Google Drive insider tips (how to get a direct link for a file on your drive, avoiding the standard viewer).

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