How to create a tour with photospheres and embed it into a website or blog

Photospheres are 360 degree photos which can be taken very easily with smartphones using the Android 4.2 OS or above. It is possible to connect them and create a Google Streetview like tour. This can be used for projects in schools, e.g. to create a tour of the school, a nature trail or simply as a souvenir from a school trip. 


Photospheres are wonderful, but they have a catch: they can be only viewed on Google+ or Google Maps and they don’t come with an embed code for websites or blogs. However, there is a workaround. Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Upload the photospheres to Google Plus (in case of a collaborative projects I always use a Google account that I have created especially for school projects and none of the students or mine)
  2. Upload the photosphere to Google Maps Views using this URL: and chose the photospheres from your Google+ photos
  3. You can connect different photospheres to create a tour in Views simply by selecting the photospheres there.
  4. When you watch your photoshere or tour in full view you get a sharing icon which lets you share the link and gives you the embed code for your website or blog.

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