Google Sheets: automated feedback with rubrics


A new school year has come upon us and it’s the first time I will have to give feedback to my students using rubrics. After having read and watched a couple of tutorials on the web I wasn’t really completely satisfied with any of them. Most tutorials suggest the use of Google Forms, which is a good idea, but not a perfect solution as you have to use two different tools. Furthermore, I only would advocate Google Forms for entering data if you want to do that on a mobile device as that would be more user friendly than using Sheets for that purpose.

So, I had to come up with my own solution, which I demonstrate in the animated gif above. Basically, you need to create two sheets (or four if you want to email the results to your students).

The first sheet is the rubric description or template, pretty much as you would see any rubric. The second sheet (rubric grading) is a list of your students, plus the categories (I use the transpose function with the data from the rubric sheet) plus the description. For the description I simply use data validation with dropdown lists (make a copy of the sample sheet if you are not familiar with this feature). You can additionally use conditional formatting for highlighting the achieved skill level.

Some teachers would then print the sheet and cut it up to give the slips to their students. If you prefer to give feedback to your students via e-mail two more sheets are necessary. In the third sheet I concatenate the descriptors with the results (e.g. Organization: well organized) to prepare the data for mail merge. Then I use one last sheet to actually create a report for mail merge. I use the free autocrat add-on for mail merge, but there are also other options.

In case you are not familiar with one or several functions I suggest making a copy of the sample sheet in your own Google Drive and using it as a template.

Update: I have been asked about a rubric that would include also points for each single category. Here is the respective template.

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