Screen recording finally made easy in Android Lollipop

So far screen recording on an Android device has been only possible either by rooting it or by connecting your device to a PC and record the screen there. With Lollipop this unfortunate situation has changed and it has become really easy to record the screen.

I’ve downloaded and tested two free apps: Mirror and SCR 5+ free and both work fine even though the former is still in beta and the latter has a three minute limit in the free version.

In an educational setting this functionality can be used for a variety of purposes.
  1. You can create a demo of a useful app for your students.
  2. Students can record a voceover for a presentation.
  3. They can do the same thing with a book, to create a multimedia book or simply as reading practise
  4. Annotation of PDF files for peer teaching

Personally I am very excited about this functionality, because it makes it very easy and quick for students to create their own video projects. Editing in an educational setting often is too time consuming (particularly audio, which would require different effects such as normalizing and noise reduction, which require professional desktop software). So, uploading to YouTube or Google Drive straight away is often the best option.

Some editing can be done in YouTube as well. You might want to trim the video and add closed captions for example. I have recorded the following video on a Nexus devices and uploaded it to YouTube. The editing (trimming and closed captioning) was done on a Chromebook inside YouTube (YouTube Creator).

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