Using quick links in Chrome to existing and new Google Drive files

Google Drive is great for quickly finding your documents. The search function will find almost anything in a matter of seconds (even if hidden deep inside documents, pdf and image files) and you can star frequently used documents.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 at 20.06.13.png

However, there is even a faster way to your documents than staring them. By using Chrome bookmarks you can access your files without having to go into your Drive in the first place. I do this typically with files I use almost on a daily basis, like my lesson planner (a doc)  and my gradebooks (Google spreadsheets). All I need to do is star the document in the omnibox and then I can use autocomplete  to get to them quickly, e.g. “less..:” for lesson planner, or the grade for which I need the gradebook.  

You can even create new documents this way. However you will need to create the link manually in your bookmarks:
  1. Go  to chrome://bookmarks/
  2. create a new bookmark to
  4. name it “new doc” (or anything you will remember, like “create document”)
  5. and then you will be able to use the bookmark either from the omnibox, the bookmarks bar or the bookmarks page.

If you want to create shortcuts for a new slide or sheet, you only need to substitute the “document” part of the link with “presentation” and “spreadsheets” respectively.

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