Five minute quick quiz - turning multiple choice quizzes into online quizzes

Turning a multiple choice quiz like this one into an online quiz only takes a few minutes.
Teachers use multiple choice quizzes frequently, be it using the textbook, photocopies or pdf files. All of these quizzes have one drawback - even though these quizzes are comparatively quick to mark, they still require a lot of time to mark and/or discuss in class and they provide little information in terms of learning analytics, unless one is willing to type the results into a spreadsheet.
With Google Forms you can easily turn a multiple choice quiz from the textbook, like the one pictures above into an interactive quiz which the students fill in using their tablets or smartphones. The process only takes a few minutes and the advantage is that both teacher and students are provided with (optionally instant) feedback and learning analytics.
Create a new form at: and make it a quiz in the settings

Give your quiz a title and make the first question the student’s name if you want to know individual results. Then you will only need one more question - a multiple choice grid in which you type (or copy and paste) the number of questions and the options (usually A B C D).
Click on the “Answer Key” to tell Google Forms which answers are the correct ones.

And that is basically all you have to do. If you want you can fine-tune the settings of the quiz, e.g. if the students should get their feedback immediately or if you want to release the score later on (requires an email address).

The final step is to share the quiz with your students using the URL.
Personally I prefer the cleaner shortened URL, but that is optional. You can share the link via whatever you use to share materials, including email, Moodle, Google Classroom, whatsapp.

Creating online quizzes is usually a time consuming tasks. I sometimes do create online quizzes on Kahoot, Quizizz or Quizlet, but many teachers would rather not create their own quizzes, when there are plenty of materials available in the first place (in the textbook, shared with other teachers, from the web, etc.).
Google Forms provides a super quick way of turning those multiple choice quizzes into an interactive quiz with learning analytics within five minutes. Of course you also have the option of typing out the questions in the multiple choice grid question type, but then it would already take you at least twice as long to create the quiz.
Of course it wouldn't make sense to turn all the multiple choice quizzes in a textbook into online quizzes. However, occasionally teachers might want to have some kind of feedback on their students’ competence or give them tasks for self-paced learning. Google Forms allow you to do that in a couple of minutes.

From the students’ point of view it might seem slightly inconvenient and redundant to fill in the quiz first on paper and then online. However, the additional work shouldn’t take more than a minute and is more user friendly than a key to check in case of self-paced work.

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