Creating and sharing flashcards collaboratively with classmates using google spreadsheets

You would like to use your mobile phone as flashcard trainer for an upcoming vocab test and you would like to split up the work of typing in the words with your friends. Almost all flashcard/vocab trainers use .csv format (coma separated values) for import. You could use MS Excel and export the vocab as .csv and copy the file onto your phone. That would leave the problem of collecting the files of your friends and turning them into one .csv file. A much more elegant and easier solution is using google docs.

Here is how it works in 5 easy steps:
  1. Create a spreadsheet with your vocabulary.
  2. Then share the spreadsheet with your friends giving them the rights to modify the document. 
  3. When you are done editing  the words publish the spreadsheet as a webpage. Here comes the trick: instead of publishing it as a website (html) use the .csv option from the dropdown menu.
  4. Copy the link and share it via email.
  5. When you open the link (on your phone) the .csv file downloads and you will be able to import it into the flashcard trainer of your choice.

There is an even faster workaround just involving steps 1 & 2. If you use Vocabulary trainer for GDocs you can directly import the vocabulary  from the google spreadsheet.
Apart from studying vocab you can use a flashcard trainer for a variety of purposes:
  • Notes for PowerPoint presentations, speeches, etc. (blank back side)
  • Revision cards for basically any subject (history, geography…)
  • Trivia quiz to play in class 

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