Using your mobile phone and google presentations for giving presentations

There are a number of apps that allow you to remote control a PowerPoint presentation. That is pretty cool, however there are two snags:

  • A Wi-Fi connection is required to connect the phone and the presentation computer
  • A server app needs to be installed on the presentation computer
These two requirements might not always be available, particularly if you are a teacher and you have to move from classroom to classroom.
The simplest way of solving this problem is using google presentations both on your phone and on the presentation computer. Google spreadsheet has a presentation feature which lets you share and remote control presentations (“take control” – see image). 

So here is how it works:

  1. Start the google presentation and click on “view together”
  2. Copy the link on top and send it to your phone using email or online bookmarking
  3. Open the link on your phone and click on “view together” and then “take control of presentation”. 
  4. If you tap on your phone’s screen now the presentation computer will follow you.
There is a threefold benefit in using this method:

  1. It turns your phone into a remote control
  2. You have your slides always on the phone, so won`t have to turn around to see them during your presentation
  3. Optionally you can turn on your presentation notes (see image).

You need to have flash installed on your phone to use this feature, which means that it won’t work in all browsers and on all devices. If the remote control feature doesn`t work on your phone  that still leaves you with the slideview and presentation notes, which are quite useful in themselves. 

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