Creating a field trip photo & map mashup

  • Picasa
  • Google maps
When I go on field trips with my students I usually take a lot of photos which I upload to Picasa and share via Moodle. One great way of viewing the photos is by seeing them on a map where they were actually taken. In order to do that you need to create your own Google maps mashup. That does not require any programming skills or in-depth knowledge of the Google maps API and can be done in a few simple steps.

  1. Geotag the photos in Picasa desktop application (no need if you have gps data from your mobile phone)
  2. Upload the photos to Picasa web albums
  3. Copy the kml (Google earth) link (see image)
  4. Create a new map in Google maps
  5. Import kml via url and paste the url from Picasa

If the last step should not work (happens sometimes) you could open the link from Picasa in Google Earth and then export it as kml file and upload the kml file to Google Maps. Of course, you could simply share the Google Earth link, but that requires everybody to have Google Earth installed. Sharing via Google maps is easier and the maps have a great google Earth plug-in which makes the experience of viewing almost the same as on Google Earth. 

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