How to organize a video or photo contest

  • Youtube or Picasa
  • mobile phones
  • Moodle, Google+ or other social network
This project could be done at school level or at classroom level and is quite easy to do using YouTube or Picasa, respectively. A foreign language teacher might want the students to introduce themselves in the foreign language making a video.

What makes both YouTube and Picasa ideal for contests is that it is possible to upload files via email as well as the possibility to vote via “likes”. That means you don’t have to grant access to your account to students (who could mistakenly mess it up), just share the email address and you are ready to go.

You can find the email address in the settings menu. As most media will probably be captured with mobile phones it’s a good idea to create an (email) QR-Code, which the students will be able to scan. Then all they need to do is attach their photo or video to the email and send it.

It’s a good idea to let the students themselves vote for the best photo or video. To do that all you need to do is publish the Picasa album or Youtube channel (or even better create your own playlist for the competition). The photo or video that gets the most likes is, of course, the winner of the competition.

  1. Get the email publishing link from the settings page
  2. Create a QR code
  3. Publish the competition and QR code on Moodle, Google+ or Facebook
  4. Students upload media via email uploads. Subject line is used for media title.
  5. Publish the link to the media via the same channel for the students to vote and set a deadline for voting. 

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