Managing QR codes with Google Drive and Google URL shortener

Google Drive
optional: QR code generator, Save-to-Drive Chrome extension

If you like using qr codes in class and you frequently want to re-use qr codes and/or you would like to know how often your students use the codes here is a quick and easy workflow that helps you manage your qr codes.

1. Use Google url shortener to shorten your URL. This step provides a twofold benefit: it creates a less complex, more readable code and the service records how many times the URL as been used, thus providing you with some basic analytics

2. Click on “details” and you will get to a page with a click counter  as well a png image of the qr code. Despite being small, the image works well, even if you should have to enlarge up to a few hundred percent for use with a classroom projector. In case you want to have a higher resolution for print out you might want to use a different qr code generator. Otherwise you might want to stick with the Google image as it is small (1KB) and won’t take up any space in your Google Drive.

3. Save the image of the qr code to your Google Drive. This can be best done with the “Save to Drive” Chrome extension (right click on the picture and use “save as picture to drive”) .

4. Rename your png file to “QR code + resource name”.

5. Go back to the url shortener in case you want to know how many times the code has been used.

The whole process typically takes less than a minute, doesn’t cost you much space in your Drive and you can always quickly re-use the code by using the Google Drive search, plus you have some basic analytics available.

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