Creating an online trip presentation with Google Tour Builder

Google Tour Builder as a new piece of software that lets you quickly create online presentations about field trips, excursions and even imaginary voyages. Tour builder lets you combine Google Earth, photos and videos as well as text to create engaging presentations.

The tool is very intuitive and fun to use and does not really need any prior training. The media can be imported from Google+ and YouTube or uploaded directly.

It looks like Google is going to integrate Tour Builder into Google drive. It has the same look and feel and some of the same sharing option. As this is still a beta it is limited in functionality. There is no true collaboration possible (only if you work with the same account credentials). Moreover kml import did not work, neither from Google MyMaps, nor from Google Drive. The last feature would be particularly useful if you have already got a tour in MyMaps, Picasaweb or Google Drive (posted via the MyTracks android app).

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