How to make a digital advent calendar with Google Drive and QR-codes

Tools required:
  • Google Drive
  • QR creator
  • Google Draw (optional)

Creating a digital advent calendar with Google Drive is easy, as Drive allows you to create/upload different media ranging from simple text to multimedia files like images and video.

Each student creates media for one or two days (depending on the number of students in the class). The media could include:
  • a drawing
  • a photo of a painting
  • a photo of a handwritten card
  • a Christmas carol (audio or video)
  • a short poem or aphorism as an audio file
  • a simple video message

The students then upload the media to their drive (alternatively the teacher can do for the students). The file has to be shared (share via “anyone with the link”) and then the URL is used to create a QR code.

Optionally the QR code can be adorned with the number of the respective day (you can use Google Draw for that, or any other drawing software). QR codes are 30% redundant - just make sure the code still works when the number is added. If it doesn't just make the number a bit smaller. I use URL shorterner for creating the codes. This makes the code less complex and in addition provides statistical analytics.

All that remains to be done is sticking the the QR codes to a pinboard in the classroom

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